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Certification of Medical Esthetician











La Petite Spa’s Skin Classic


Three of La Petite’s estheticians Pam Bingham, Margie Rackley and Micki Hughes have recently completed training and received certifications on La Petite’s new Skin Classic Machine.

The Skin Classic is used to treat minor skin irregularities. Do you have hyper pigmented (age) spots, broken capillaries, clogged pores, acne cysts, sebaceous hyperplasia, fibromas (freckles), cherry angiomas, milia, or keratosis? With this cutting edge technology we can now treat these irregularities without laser or scalpel. The Skin Classic is high frequency technology. We treat the irregularities with a probe that never enters the skin. It barely touches the skin and therefore is called the touch method. Treatment is very quick, a bit uncomfortable but worth it. Immediately you will see results… no waiting and hoping. A demo can be provided to assure you that you are spending your money and time wisely.

Call to set up an appointment for a demo of the Skin Classic Machine and to get pricing.






Healing Touch


Healing touch is relaxing, nuturing energy therapy a non inasive, holistic approach to healing it compliments traditional modern medicine and approach to wellness that dates back to biblical times it addresses physical, emotional, and spritual needs.

Documented benefits: reduction in stress and anxiety, pain management, immune system support, accelerated recovery from surgery, symptom relief during chemotherapy / radiation, reduction in symtoms of depression, shortens hospital stay.

A typical session lasts up to one hour. Client lies fully clothes on massage table; light, gentle touch is used. Each session is customzied to client's needs.






Certification of Medical Esthetician

Margie Rackley of La Petite Spa

Margie Rackley of La Petite Spa and Wellness was recently awarded the certification of Medical Esthetician.

Margie attended Grace Medical Institute in Summerville, South Carolina for her training. Grace is well known in the Esthetics industry for their high standards and state of art training. Margie received certification in the following modalities: IPL, Epidermal Planing, Radio Frequency, High Pressure Saline Exfoliation and Advanced Chemical Peels.

Margie says that this training was essential for a future in Skin Care. Only with the most advanced esthetics training can you provide consistent results for your clients. At, La Petite Spa and Wellness, we strive to offer the most advanced skin care treatments in this area. Call Margie for your personal consultation at 883-2238. La Petite Spa and Wellness is located in Straus Park at 6 Park Place West, Bldg. B.

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